History of the MGCSA

The history of the Maine Golf Course Superintendents Association as recalled by

Roger Lowell.

The Maine Golf Course Superintendents Association as we know it today started forming in late 1963.  The bylaws were written in 1964.

The need to form an association was the concern of several superintendents and a couple of sales people that were attending the Maine Conference as it used to be held at the University of Maine at Orono.  The turf conference preceded our association.   This was a second attempt to form an association.  An association called   the Green's Keepers of Maine failed an attempt from a lack of interest or ability to travel, or both.  Members like Jim Jones, and even the legendary Manny Francis of Vesper Country Club of Lowell, Mass. were part of that era.  Manny built and maintained what today is the South Portland Municipal Golf Club.

Burt Huderson and Austin Kelley were very instrumental in getting things kicked off with the aid of longtime Sec/Treasurer Harold Hathaway.

I almost hate to make list of member names as I am sure to forget some, but here goes.


Burt Anderson
Austin Kelly
Jack Small
Lloyd Ruby
John Davis
Roger Lowell
Harvey LaMontagne
Paul Brown
Jack Mansure
Harold Hathaway
Frank Rhndel
Jim Jones
Fred McPheters
Bob Flanagan
Nal Poltile
Oscar Young
Tom Muccie
Chet Sawtelle

As you can see from this list, at $5.00 a membership we collected $95.00 in dues in 1964.  Many meetings in those days would be attended by 8 to 10 people.  Remember that most of us were still driving cars left over from the late 50's and a trip to Augusta from Arundel would be a days event.

This was also the reason that there were three area Vice Presidents.   One northern, one central and one southern, if the President could not make a meeting, then the area Vice President would preside over the meeting.  The year I was president, 65-66 the area Vice Presidents were:  John Dana, Paul Brown and Jim Jones.

Many times postage and their expenses were paid for by Yerxas because our long time treasurer Harold Hathaway was general manager of that company.   We owe a debt of gratitude to both Yerxas and Sawtell Brothers who often helped the MGCSA with expenses in the early days.  By the late 60's our membership had grown to about 50 members, that even brought hard workers like Dave Huff who helped carry the ball for many years.  If I were asked today to what do I attribute to the on going success of MGCSA I would have to say its all the members who gave their time and made meetings to be with their peers.


MGCSA Distinguished Service Award Recipients

1983 Ernest Hawkes

1984 Dr. Vaughn Holyoke

1985 Roger Lowell

1986 James Jones

1987 Richard Yerxa

1988 Jack Small

1988 Dave Huff

1989 Robert Browne

1990 Chuck Ravis, CGCS

1991 Kevin Ross, CGCS

1992 James Diorio, CGCS

1994 Chris Heath

1994 Fred McPheters

1995 Patrick Lewis, CGCS

1996 Robert Flanagan

1997 James Hodge

1998 David Child

1999 Greg Searle

2000 Joe Ruby

2001 Dick Fahey

2002 Gerry White

2003 Scott Cybulski, CGCS

2004 Nancy DeFrancesco

2005 Greg Grenert

2006 Tom Small

2007 Steve Geary

2008 Mark Miller

2009 Jeff Hevey

2010 Robbie Brown

2011 Ed Michaud

2012 Harold Hawkes

2013 Rick Lewis

2014 Steve Hoisington

2015 Greg Holder

2016 Jesse O’Brien

2017 Toby S. Young

2018 Bob Searle

2019 Mike Guibord

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