GCSAA Grassroots Ambassador Program

GCSAA is taking its government relations efforts to the next level. GCSAA is looking for Grassroots Ambassadors. The goal is to match a member of GCSAA with each Member of Congress, and to build strong relationships between them. The program will establish a network of committed volunteers to serve as the “go-to” people for lawmakers and their staff on golf course management issues. The most important thing you can do as a GCSAA Grassroots Ambassador is share your story.

MGCSA's Current Grassroots Ambassadors

Bob Searle, Abenakee Club

Assigned to: Senator Angus King

Greg Holder, Webhannet Golf Club

Assigned to: Congresswoman Chellie Pingree

Toby S. Young, Val Halla Golf Course

Assigned to: Senator Susan Collins

Kyle Ladd, Mingo Springs

Assigned to: Congressman Jared Golden

To learn more about the GCSAA's Grassroots Ambassador Program or to get involved, visit the GCSAA's Grassroots Ambassador page.

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